Nocturnal forager caught on camera

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Under the guidance of expert conservation staff at the National Trust for Scotland, pupils from Craigievar Primary School have captured a brilliant picture of a badger.

The school has been working with the Trust’s North East Ranger Service for five years now.

Once a month, pupils go out to the woods on Craigievar Estate to work with the rangers and other partners to learn all about the forest and its inhabitants and to develop new skills.

Ranger Toni Watt works with Craigievar Primary School.

She said: “This project has now entered into its fifth year and the pupils from Primary 4 to 7 are constantly growing in confidence in the woods and developing social skills, which then reflect positively in their school work.

“We have done a lot of work on animal tracks and signs, helping the children to learn how the different animals use the woods, even if they don’t actually see any of the nocturnal creatures during their visits.

“This knowledge was put to good use recently when we were able to borrow a camera trap. The children used their tracking skills to discover where the best place would be to set up the infra-red camera and I think the picture speaks for itself!”

The camera trap was set up in the grounds of Craigievar Castle.

The ‘fairytale’ pink castle is set in a stunning landscape which is a haven for wildlife - badgers are one of the many species that can be found there.

The castle is open from Friday to Tuesday from 11am to 5.30pm, until June 30, and then daily until August 31.

The grounds are open daily, all year round.