North-east families flee Manchester terror blast

The device was detonated as concert-goers left the venue. Picture: PA
The device was detonated as concert-goers left the venue. Picture: PA

Families from Aberdeenshire have been caught up in the Manchester terror attack.

Mothers and their children who'd been attending the Ariana Grande concert have spoken of their shock and horror as they fled the scene of the explosion.

The blast happened as concert-goers were leaving Manchester Arena.

Police say a lone attacker detonated an improvised explosive device near one of the venue's exits.

Twenty-two people have been killed and nearly 60 injured in the atrocity.

Carole Taylor and friend Alison Pritchard, both from Banchory, were celebrating their children's birthdays at the gig and were a short distance from the explosion.

Speaking to STV, Ms Tylor said: "We decided to leave quite quickly after she played her last song because we knew it would get busy.

“We got down into the main foyer and seconds later there was a massive explosion right behind us. It shook our whole bodies.

“There was smoke and people were screaming. We just ran and ran and ran. We didn’t know what we were running from.”

“Everyone was stampeding trying to get out and we were holding each other so tightly.”

Ms Pritchard grabbed daughter Carmen's hand and ordered her to run as concert-goers "stampeded" towards the exit.

Meanwhile, Police Scotland will review security at all public events in the next fortnight as a result of the Manchester attack, including the Scottish Cup Final on Saturday.