Norwegian wood? Isn’t it good as delegation heads to park

The Cairngorms National Park (CNPA) will be home to some Nordic visitors as a Norwegian delegation makes a visit.

The group from Hallingskarvet National Park are coming to Scotland to see how the UK’s largest park is run.

It also comes as part of the 10th birthday celebrations of the Cairngroms achieving National Park status.

The delegation will arrive on Sunday, April 28, and fly back to Norway on Thursday May 2, all the while experiencing the best of Scottish hospitality including a look around some of the area’s whisky shops.

Hallingskarvet National Park was given it’s status in 2006 and the group are hoping to learn how the Scottish parks balance the needs of local communities and the environment.


Despite the Cairngorms being over 10 times the size of the Norwegian park (4528 square kilometres compared to Hallingskarvet’s 450) it is hoped that environmental lessons will be transferable between the two.

Convener of the CNPA, Duncan Bryden, said the authority was “delighted.”

He told the Piper: “We are very pleased to host Scandinavian visitors to the park.

‘‘This will be one of several visits we’ve had from groups from Norway, Sweden, Denmark and indeed Iceland.

“The tendency is to think Scandinavian countries are ahead of (the UK) on issues like this but it isn’t the case here.

‘‘They have many more parks in Norway but they go for a more traditional model where everything is handled from Oslo. The group is coming to learn from the Scottish model- working with communities.

“We will be very pleased to see them.”

The Cairngorms was designated a national park in 2003.

It is the UK’s largest covering parts of Aberdeenshire, Moray, Highland, Angus and Perth and Kinross,