Oasis of beauty at Banchory

Flower Show
Flower Show

L ast Saturday and Sunday, Banchory Town Hall was transformed into an oasis of beauty as the local Horticultural Society held their 74th Annual Flower Show.

Banchory Flower Show, like all the others around Deeside, has a timelessness about it which allows people, for a short time, to forget about the day to day travails of life.

This year’s show lived up to expectations, as the fine summer meant grand displays of flowers, fruit and vegetables.

A spokesperson said: ‘‘Our floral art ladies, as usual, provided the ideal backdrop to other exhibits.

‘‘The industrial section was also well supported with many fine entries in the photographic section in particular

‘‘Murray Reid, from Torphins, deserves special mention for winning nine of the 31 trophies competed for.

‘‘ Murray has, for many years, been winning prizes at all the Deeside shows and long may he continue doing so and acting as a spur for others to emulate.

‘‘A big thank you to Councillor Karen Clark who presented the trophies and drew the raffle, and also to those who helped over the long weekend.

‘‘Flower shows need exhibitors and volunteers to survive and it was fine to see new faces, not only competing but also helping with the hard work involved in erecting and dismantling of the staging. etc.’’

trophy winners

Malcolm Trophy: Murray Reid Torphins, Morraine Cup: Mr Leonard Kem Banchory Ferres Trophy: Murray Reid Torphins, Niven Trophy: Mrs Betty Kemp Banchory Section 2

Cut Flowers Kerr Rose Bowl: Murray Reid Torphins, James Smith Perpetual Challenge Trophy: Murray Reid Torphins, Kenwood Trophy: Murray Reid Torphins Inchmarlo Cup: Murray Reid Torphins,

Section 3 - Sweet Peas Dungeith Perpetual Challenge Trophy: Murray Reid Torphins

Section 4 - Vegetables Dalvenie Cup: Murray Reid Torphins.

British Legion Perpetual Trophy: Murray Reid Torphins

Section 5 - Fruit Durward Perpetual Challenge Cup: G Davidson Banchory.

Section 6 - Woodend Allotments - Provost George Wilson Trophy: Rona Smith Banchory, Burgh of Banchory Cup: Angus Williamson Banchory.

Section 7 - Chrysanthemums National Chrysanthemum Society’s Silver Medal: James Craigen Cults

Section 8 - Dahlias Autumn Championship for the A & D Davidson Craig Perpetual Challenge Trophy Torphins, Scolty Perpetual Challenge Trophy A & D Davidson Torphins.

Section 9 - Gladioli Chivas Webster Cup: Sandy Melvin Lumphanan.

Section 10 - Floral Arrangement Wayman Trophy: Betty Beaton Banchory.

Burnett Trophy: Catherine Dey Montrose, Craig Salver

Section 11 - Industrial Arbuthnott Trophy: Moyra Gray/Brenda Stewart. Coutts Trophy: Moyra Gray. Midmar Cox Perpetual Challenge Cup: C Middleton, Banchory. Banchory Horticultural Challenge: Salver Maryculter WRI. The Stewart Trophy: Joan Burn, Banchory.

The Deeside Photographics Trophy: Norma Makin, Banchory.

Section 12 - Junior Plants and Vegetables: Craigbhea Perpetual Challenge Cup: Iona Kellas, Dinnet.

Section 13 - Junior Industrial Cromar Trophy: Sean Glendinning, Banchory.

Kerloch Trophy: Stephanie Glendinning, Banchory.

Woodend Trophy: Angus Williamson, Banchory