Over 70% have seen litter dropped in N- e

Is litter a problem in your area? Let us know through: news@deesidepiper.com
Is litter a problem in your area? Let us know through: news@deesidepiper.com

Over 70% of North- east residents have seen litter dropped in the past three months according to new YouGov research poll.

The poll, commissioned by Clean Up Scotland the national campaign against litter and mess run by environmental charity Keep Scotland Beautiful, found that 71% of people living in the North- east have seen litter dropped, either accidentally or on purpose, in the past three months.

Jeremy Purvis, Campaign Director of Clean Up Scotland, said: “These shocking results expose in full the litter epidemic which we face in the North East. Nearly three-quarters of people here are seeing litter being dropped – some of the estimated 250 million pieces of litter dropped each year on Scottish streets, parks and beaches. Litter costs Scottish local authorities an estimated £78m a year to clean

“The Clean Up Scotland campaign is taking action and calling for a revolution in Scotland’s attitude and behaviour towards litter, so that dropping litter becomes as socially unacceptable in future as drink-driving is today.”

Responding the findings Councillor for Aboyne, Upper Deeside and Donside, Geva Blackett said it was ‘a disgrace’: “People buy food and drink in villages and then blatantly chuck the rubbish out of car windows about 2 miles along the road - a disgrace!”

She was echoed by resident Laura Lane who said: “I live in Glassel and we have a real problem with (litter) here. I walked to the bottom of the junction at Inchmarlo and counted over 100 pieces of litter, bottles, crisp packets chip wrappers, beer cans etc. A favourite on a Friday night is people parking at the bottom of our road and throwing their (litter) out the window when they are parked next to two wheelie bins”