Parent’s petition on exam changes gathers signatures

Changes to exams
Changes to exams

A Deeside mother has launched an online petition oposing changes to the number of exams school pupils can take.

Anna Porter, parent of a child at Cults Academy, calling on the Scottish Government to allow local authorities to choose how many subjects pupils at S4 can take.

The online petition has gathered 171 signatures at the time of reporting.

Parents across Deeside and Donside have voiced their concerns at the changes which will see the system of standard grades change.

Pupils are currently able to sit eight standard grades but under the new National 4 and 5 scheme, time-tabling restrictions mean the number of qualifications are likely to be reduced to as few as six in some areas.

A Mother of a Banchory Academy pupil, Megan Hare, said: “My daughter’s school is a high achieving school for whom 8 subjects would be appropriate... Aberdeenshire Council are trying to impose a 6 subject timetable across all 17 schools in its jurisdiction, regardless of parents’ wishes. My daughter will be short-changed. She will be required to diminish the breadth of her education too young and make choices which will affect her future even earlier than under the old system.

At a meeting in Aboyne last week, Minister of Learning Alasdair Allan faced a barage of questions from parents.