Partial Closure for Aboyne Academy Pupils

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Due to deteriorating road conditions Ballater and Braemar pupils at Aboyne Academy are returning home as of 11:00am.

The following arrangements have been put in place to accommodate affected pupils who reside in Braemar and between Ballater and Braemar:

A Stagecoach Bluebird vehicle will operate from Braemar, at the existing times, and carry all entitled pupils to Invercauld.

Pupils will be required to walk across the old Bridge of Dee.

There are a number of flood lights and they will be escorted across by the Driver (a Council employee).

Parents/carers need to be aware that the path across the bridge is muddy and pupils should have appropriate footwear, etc.

At the other side of the bridge a further Stagecoach vehicle will be waiting to transport them to Aboyne Academy (via the B976 to Ballater).

The reverse arrangements will apply in the afternoon (pupils will need to ensure they board the correct bus). T

The four pupils who reside between Invercauld and Crathie will picked up by the Stagecoach bus.

The two entitled pupils who reside between Crathie and Ballater will be transported from their home to/from Aboyne Academy by taxi.)