Partnership between local Tesco and Diabetes UK

Over the coming months colleagues at Tesco Banchory will be fundraising for Diabetes UK.

Previously known as Tesco Charity of the Year, Diabetes UK is the new Tesco Charity Partner.

Julia Fry, Tesco Banchory community champion, says she is excited about the new partnership and hopes to arrange some fun events for customers and colleagues as the company continue working with the local community to help make a difference.

Diabetes UK and Tesco will be working together to create healthier communities, and to support everyone affected by, and at risk of, diabetes.

Tesco are aiming to raise £10m to:

n provide life-changing support for a million people with diabetes, so they feel less scared and isolated by their condition;

n help prevent thousands of future cases of Type 2 diabetes, meaning that fewer families are affected by the devastating effects of this condition;

n fund research into a vaccine that could stop forever the development of Type 1 diabetes in children.

In other news, Tesco Banchory have welcomed their new store manager, Bryan Edwards.,

Julia said: “Customers may have met Bryan in the few days since he joined Tesco Banchory.

“Bryan has already spent some time working on the checkouts. He has been keeping busy meeting both colleagues and customers.

Bryan commented: “I am really looking forward to building on the already strong links that Tesco Banchory have within the local community.

“I am keen to find out from our customers what role Tesco can play in our community in the future.

‘‘Please contact our community champion, Julia Fry, on your ideas. ‘