Aboyne resident Hugh Cochran celebrates turning 90 in style

Aboyne resident Hugh Cochran celebrated his 90th birthday in style with a party earlier this month at the Aboyne Victory Hall.

By Dawn Renton
Wednesday, 18th May 2022, 7:29 am
Updated Wednesday, 18th May 2022, 7:29 am
Hugh was surrounded by family and friends as he celebrated his birthday.
Hugh was surrounded by family and friends as he celebrated his birthday.

A lovely family occasion, Hugh’s six children were all together for only the third time in about 20 years as they live in a range of places around the world.

Paul Anderson MBE performed the music for the night, and his wife Shona performed a beautiful song as well.

Mr Cochran gave a speech telling those gathered of his earliest memory of Aboyne.

Sons Marco, Adam, Andy and David, and daughters Joanna & Susan with Hugh.

He explained: “The first weekend of September 1939 with WW2 about to break out. My parents decided to move from Aberdeen to Aboyne for safety.

"We drove to Balfour where we found that our wireless wouldn’t work.

"So we went to the gardener’s cottage and listened to Mr Neville Chamberlain tell us that we were now at war with Germany. This was a matter of great excitement to me and put me on the lookout for parachutists arriving from the sky.

"Instead, 13 evacuees arrived from the East end of Glasgow. All under 12 with a teacher and a housekeeper. My mother, who knew they were coming was able to cope with their arrival.”

Mr Cochran also recalled visiting the General Provisions shop of George Strachan in Station Square with his mum, when trains still stopped at Aboyne, the old school of Birse and how education has moved on since he was a boy and happy memories at Aboyne Games.

Mr Cochran thanked everyone for coming to celebrate his 90th birthday.