Adam’s big support for charity walk

Adam Cowie with younger brother Callum
Adam Cowie with younger brother Callum

A young Westhill boy has inspired his family, friends and local football team to take part in a charity walk on Deeside later this month.

Adam Cowie, 8, has type 1 diabetes and has managed to get Westdyke Community Club involved in the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation’s One Walk at Drum Castle.

It is an event that is hugely important to Adam

Davie Cowie Adam’s Father

Now the family is entering a team of supporters into the fundraiser on Sunday, September 25, to help raise money which will support the search for a cure for the condition.

Alongside them will be 36 players, brothers, sisters, mums and dads from Adam’s younger brother Callum’s 2009 Westdyke Community Club team.

Dad Davie says that Adam has had to grow up quickly.

He explained: “Adam doesn’t see himself as any different to other boys, but the type 1 diabetes has taken a bit of his childhood away.

“He takes responsibility for himself and is incredible in the way he just gets on with it. But finding a cure to type 1 would bring back some normality for our little boy.”

Davie added: “It is an event that is hugely important to Adam as it shows they are not alone and there are not only other children and adults going through the same challenges as them, but there are also many people who care enough to raise money to help find a cure for their condition.”

The Westdyke team’s head coach, Mark Robson, who has taken part in the One Walk with his family for the past two years, got everyone together.

He said: “Adam is a good wee player and you would never know how tough it is for him. But when you understand what it means for him to live with type 1 diabetes, we knew we wanted to help.

“Westdyke pride themselves on being a community-based club - we’re as much about helping the kids develop into good adults as good footballers and we want to be a positive influence in our community.

“When you put these two things together it seems only natural for us to help by taking part in the walk, I’m delighted and encouraged by the fact that so many of the team are either taking part or supporting with sponsorship. It will be a great day.”

The 5km walk at Drum Castle begins at 9.30am and it will be started by Aberdeenshire West MSP Alexander Burnett.

Type 1 diabetes affects 29,000 adults and children in Scotland, including 3,243 in the North-east.

JDRF was established to find a cure for the condition and its complications,