Anonymous donations for Crathes Hall

The Crathes Hall Fundraising Group has continued to work hard behind the scenes.

Thursday, 4th March 2021, 7:00 am
The Group have received anonymous donations as the community help support the fundraising efforts.

Two anonymous donations totalling £15,000 have been received which is tremendously encouraging as it says there are people out there who are willing to support the project, even though it is still very early days, and there is a long way to go!

Crathes Hall was built in 1929 following a gift of land from the then Laird of Crathes Estate.

Since then it has been at the heart of the Crathes c ommunity, hosting many diverse events and acting as a meeting place for local residents.

Originally built in 1929, Crathes Hall was beginning to show its age and needed a face lift.

It continues to thrive at the centre of the c ommunity but unfortunately is beginning to show its age. When constructed, little thought or consideration was given to providing a legacy venue for the area and so it was not insulated n or built with materials intended to last beyond the turn of the century.

Whilst held with great fondness to many in the area, Crathes Hall Trustees undertook to evaluate the worth of refurbishing the hall in its current state; given that it costs about £2000 a month just to heat!

The proposed new hall offers greater flexibility and user convenience with a choice of large and small halls whilst hopefully retaining all the charm of the hall it replaces.

A larger kitchen offers scope to host larger events, weddings and other functions.

A small team of Trustees have begun the fund-raising project to source the £650,000 needed to see these exciting plans become reality.

The new Virgin Money Giving page is up and running and can be found by visiting

It is an excellent way of contributing, however much you can spare, as it enables the hall to gain the Gift Aid contribution from HMRC as well.

Other fundraising opportunities include the Easy Fundraising site that enables you to contribute via the companies you use when doing on-line shopping.

It is all set up, all you need do is log into the link, register and shop away!

The companies that are signed up to the page, will give us a donation for every purchase made through their site. What could be easier?

Visit and search easyfundraisingto view a short video that explains how it works.

The group is determined to see the new hall become a reality and a hub for the community of Crathes.

This is a real opportunity to create something that will serve the Community and beyond for many years to come. If you would like to help, please make contact with the group through the website at or via Facebook or Twitter (@CrathesHall).