Banchory Bangle design unveiled

This year's Banchory Bangle
This year's Banchory Bangle

The 2017 design of the Banchory Bangle has been revealed.

The famed jewellery piece raises thousands of pounds every year for Children 1st at the charity’s annual Touch of Tartan Ball.

This year its designer Dr Malcolm Appleby has created a yew tree.

Dr Appleby has been hand engraving the bangle for the organisation for more than 40 years. Over the years more than £140,000 has been raised.

The complexity of the hand-designed bangles are inspired by Dr Appleby’s love of nature.

He said: “When I was a child there were one beech tree, two Scots pines, a hawthorn hedge, and two yew trees in my parents’ front garden.

“Near my former home, the railway station at Crathes, the formal Gardens of Crathes Castle are famous for their ancient yew hedges which I have sketched and visited often.”

Last year’s heron-themed bangle raised more than £11,000 and this one is valued at £25,000.

It will be displayed at The Wee Boorachie at Milton of Crathes whose owner, Mairi Bradford, said: “We have displayed the

bangle for many years now.

“It’s a great yearly feature in the shop and still surprises me how many people around Banchory do not know what it is or what its purpose is.”

The winning raffle will be drawn at the ball at Aberdeen’s Beach Ballroom on Friday, November 17.

Raffle tickets cost £1 and are available from The Wee Boorachie, Deeside Cleaners in Banchory, Taylors of Banchory, and from the Children 1st office in Aberdeen.