Bon-Accord returns to Deeside line

The Bon-Accord arrives at Milton of Crathes
The Bon-Accord arrives at Milton of Crathes

A historic locomotive has returned to Aberdeenshire after spending a year in the North of England.

The Bon-Accord has arrived back at the Royal Deeside Railway following its spell as “guest” at Beamish Museum in County Durham.

Back on track and ready to roll

Back on track and ready to roll

Celebrations are planned at Milton of Crathes next weekend to mark the return of the small locomotive. It was the first time the engine had been away from the North-east since it was built in 1897.

The transfer south took place to try and generate money for the museum and the locomotive made scores of journeys and proved a great attraction in the area.

It was transported north by road and taken to Milton of Crathes on Tuesday of last week.

Bon-Accord was built by Andrew Barclay for the Aberdeen Gas Works and spent its working life in and around the Aberdeen area.

It has become a popular attraction on the Royal Deeside line and is run by volunteers of the Bon Accord Locomotive Scoiety.

Secretary James West said: “We are delighted to have the Bon-Accord back on Deeside.

“It means there will be two locomotives running again.”

Celebratory runs to mark Bon-Accord’s return will take place on Saturday and Sunday, October 14 and 15.