Bus roadshows planned

Roland Armbruszt driver with Stagecoach in Ballater
Roland Armbruszt driver with Stagecoach in Ballater

A former bar and restaurant manager claims that driving buses on Royal Deeside is his perfect job.

Roland Armbruszt, a driver with Stagecoach, and supervisor at the company’s Ballater depot, has been driving buses for three-and-a-half years, however sitting behind the wheel of a bus wasn’t always his dream.

He says: “Before I worked for Stagecoach, I was a bar and restaurant manager. But I decided that I needed a change of career, and to try something different.

“A friend was already driving a bus and said that it was a great career to get into. I love driving, so thought I would give it a go.”

And Roland will be helping his employers, along with Aberdeenshire Council in promoting safe and sustainable travel.

Stagecoach buses will be visiting primary schools across Aberdeenshire as part of the Smarter Travel Roadshow, a scheme that will tell pupils and their families about simple changes they can make to their school run to help the environment and increase their healthy activity.

Roland says: “It’s important to teach children from an early age that taking the bus is a better, environmentally-friendly way to travel to school. It makes far more sense to have 50 kids on a bus than to have an individual car taking each child in every day.”

Cllr Peter Argyle, added: In Royal Deeside buses are a vital lifeline for the local community but we all must consider our carbon footprint no matter where we live.”