Call for speed limit near Torphins

Torphins Community Council would like a 40mph speed limit on the A980 near the Campfield Filling Station
Torphins Community Council would like a 40mph speed limit on the A980 near the Campfield Filling Station

Community leaders in Torphins are seeking a 40mph limit on a busy section of the A980 near the village.

Concern is growing over road safety and the scale of speeding in the area.
The community council has been in discussion with senior representatives of Aberdeenshire Council and Police Scotland over the problem on the Raemoir to Torphins road.
The area near Campfield has been a main worry because of speed and road layout, particularly around the filling station. 
Community council secretary Will Maclean said: “Detailed discussions and investigations are under way for the introduction of a mandatory speed limit at Campfield. 
“Based on local knowledge and experience the community council are in favour of a 40mph speed limit at the location, to encompass the junction with Glassel Road, Campfield Filling Station, and the housing to the east of the filling station.
“The community council has also recommended roadside signs to highlight risk areas and accident statistics on the A980 Raemoir to Torphins, in order to encourage improved driver behaviour.”
Police speed monitoring equipment has recently been installed on the A980 western approach to the village, and will shortly be introduced on the B993 northern side, both of which have been causing concern.
Mr Maclean said Aberdeenshire Council was also installing longer-term speed monitoring on the A980 which would provide information to allow effective enforcement action.
Local councillors have also been involved in discussions to address the problem.
Councillor Katrina Farquhar told the Piper: “Torphins Community Council has been actively trying to find solutions to this ongoing problem for some time. 
“They have included the school, local businesses and the police. 
“Traffic travelling through the village does not always take due care especially around the school and the shop.” 
She added: “The local police team have been supportive and have deployed monitoring equipment to identify the average speeds and at what time of day the speeding is at its worst.
“However, it is an ever-increasing worry in villages.
“As drivers we have a responsibility to ensure our driving behaviour is ensuring the safety of others around us.”