Calling all Electric Vehicle (EV) owners to come and show off!

Sunday, August 1 sees a welcome return of EV Expo to Grampian Transport Museum in Alford and all electric vehicle owners and retailers are invited to come and participate free of charge.

Tuesday, 20th July 2021, 4:09 pm
Updated Tuesday, 20th July 2021, 4:10 pm
Chris Ramsay’s Mongolian Rally Mk 1 Nissan Leaf alongside its younger cousin, today’s Mk2 with approximately twice the range.

Curator Mike Ward has good reason to be delighted that the event is back on the museum’s calendar.

He said: “We are gradually opening up all the museum’s activities, taking maximum care to ensure everybody’s safety from Covid 19.

"We are especially delighted to be able hold our 2021 Electric Vehicle Expo at the home of the Robert Davidson exhibition, the Aberdeen Chemist who is historically recorded to have begun the whole electrically powered transport revolution in his Canal Street workshop in 1839.

Museum Curator, Mike Ward

“From those humble beginnings, right on our doorstep, today’s global motor industry is making very rapid progress as we move towards a future without the internal combustion engine.

"The world of electric cars (and batteries) is changing rapidly and our 2021 EV Expo event is an opportunity for EV owners to bring their vehicles together and to enable visitors to chat to them about real life with an electric car.

"It is also an opportunity for retailers to show off their latest electric vehicles to existing and potential EV owners in a safe outdoor environment.

"We expect to have cars representing a range of different manufacturers and some electric vans too.”

One of the North East’s best known EV enthusiasts is Chris Ramsay, who successfully completed the 10,000 mile Mongolian Rally in his early Nissan Leaf which is on display in the museum.

Chris, now a well-known social media ‘influencer’ for EV’s, will be at EV Expo at GTM to share his experiences, discuss EV progress and talk about his upcoming ‘Pole to Pole’ EV adventure ahead of COP 26 in Glasgow in November.

Mike adds: “It is not only cars which are rapidly progressing with renewable electric power, electric bikes are also very popular now, so we will also have e-bikes at this year’s EV expo, for museum visitors to see and try!

"We keenly anticipate that EV Expo at GTM will be a very interesting day!

“If you would like to bring your electric car to EV Expo at GTM go to where you will find all the details.

There is no charge and you will be made very welcome.”

EV Expo at Grampian Transport Museum on Sunday, August 1 is free to all museum visitors, who will also be able to see the museum’s ‘It’s Electric’ display, explaining the history of electrically driven vehicles since 1839, and ‘Probing the Future’ which looks at the motoring of tomorrow with electric and autonomous cars, an era which is fast approaching.

To attend simply book your museum visit online at

The museum is open 7 days between 10am and 5pm.