Charities to get a cut from Banchory mum

IslaMarie Smith will be taking on a charity haircut challenge
IslaMarie Smith will be taking on a charity haircut challenge

A Banchory mother-of-two is preparing for a fundraising charity challenge.

IslaMarie Smith will this month have some of her golden locks chopped off for CLAN Cancer Support.

She will then donate the hair to the Princess Trust, which makes wigs for young children with cancer.

IslaMarie, 28, was prompted to take on the “Half your hair, do you dare’ fundraiser through personal circumstances.

She explained: “In October last year my dad was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer and it almost tore my world apart.

“My parents have always done everything for me, especially when I broke my back and became disabled after a car crash on the A90. “I just want to be able to repay even a fraction of the love, care and support they have offered me over the years.”

IslaMarie works as a swimming teacher for Sport Aberdeen, and as a digital marketing consultant based in Aboyne.

She said: “Over the past few years I have witnessed friends and their parents battle with cancer; some who lost the fight, some who recovered.

“Cancer also runs in my husband’s family, while my aunt is currently fighting breast cancer.

“My parents are based in Fife and the difference between the support I can get in Aberdeen and the support open to them in Edinburgh is striking.

“CLAN offers so many services and variations of support that are simply not available to people elsewhere in Scotland.”

IslaMarie plans to fundraiser for CLAN every year.