Charity publishes new book for children with a stoma

A Bear Named Buttony has pubished a new book, ‘A Friend Just Like Me’, for children living with a stoma.

Wednesday, 24th November 2021, 8:45 am
The new book aims to give parents a child-friendly way to explain stoma surgery.

Aimed at younger children, the book takes children on an adventure to help Buttony (Bear) find a friend who has undergone similar surgery.

Written by Kathryn Bradley, Paediatric Clinical Psychologist, and herself the parent of a child who had a stoma when younger, Kathryn uses her expertise in child psychology beautifully to help children realise that they are not alone now that Buttony has found them and that Buttony can offer them comfort and friendship.

With colourful and eye-catching illustrations by local illustrator, Georgina Croll, this book gives parents a child-friendly way to explain stoma surgery to children at a challenging and difficult time.

Chair and charity founder, Jenny Gow MBE, said: “We have been working on how we can share the beautiful words that Kathryn wrote for Buttony, originally as a poem, and we are delighted that we have been able to publish this through the book.

"We are grateful to Kathryn, Georgina and the Ballater Games Stewards and the Ballater & District Pipe Band who have funded publication through local collections and donations in the name of Buttony."

In addition to ‘A Friend Just Like Me’, the charity has issued over 4000 bears with a stoma since it began in 2015 and over 600 young adult packs in the last 18 months.

Buttony is a charity registered in Scotland (SC049781), supporting families, children and young adults across the UK since May 2015.

Jenny Gow MBE and friends started the charity following Jenny’s own personal experience as the parent of a child requiring stoma surgery. Feeling isolated and alone due to the lack of support and information available to parents of children with a stoma, Jenny developed her own idea of a ‘bear with a stoma’ as a way of helping her daughter’s acceptance.

The charity aims to educate and raise awareness helping children and young adults come to terms with their new stoma or following a close family member undergoing surgery themselves.

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