Chloe has a special hair day for charity

New-look Chloe with shorter hair
New-look Chloe with shorter hair

A Banchory youngster has had her long tresses cut for charity.

Chloe Alexander, 8, raised £800 for the Little Princess Trust, which provides wigs and hair pieces for children who suffer hair loss due to cancer treatment.

Chloe, who attends Crathes Primary School, decided to have her hair cut after watching a television programme about youngsters who had experienced hair loss.

Mum Louise explained: “About a year ago she had asked why she had seen some children on TV with no hair so I explained it to her and had also mentioned that some people grow their hair and then get it cut and donate it to the Little Princess Trust to be made into a wig.

“A few weeks passed and she came up to me and said I want to grow my hair and donate it because some little girl would love to have hair like mine and I don’t need all of it.

“So for the past year she has been growing it and recently got around 15 inches cut.”

The young fundraiser bid farewell to her long hair at an appointment with local hairdresser Louise Greig.

Chloe’s mum added: “We are all very proud of her but most of all she is proud of herself for doing it and raising a huge amount of money.”