CLAN gathering for a day of team learning

CLAN volunteers who met up for their bi-annual gathering
CLAN volunteers who met up for their bi-annual gathering

A charity gathering saw over 70 people from across the North-east meet up for a day of learning and friendship.

Members of staff, board members and volunteers met at CLAN’s head office in Aberdeen, for its bi-annual meeting.

Representatives from Banchory and Ballater joined colleagues to hear the charity’s latest news and learn about new initiatives.

CLAN’s chief executive Dr Colette Backwell shared the latest achievements, highlighting that the organisation supported 2500 people in 2018, nearly half of whom were new clients, including 135 who were supported by the children and families’ team. 

Anne Marie Robson, a support volunteer for CLAN, said: “The gathering is a great opportunity to get to know everybody and to understand the overall picture.

“It’s nice to feel involved – it makes you feel even more passionate about what CLAN does.”

Dr Backwell said: “It is important that the CLAN team gathers together when we can, not just to hear the latest news but also to share good practice and learn from successful initiatives happening in our shops and centres.”