Clan Strachan comes home after 705 years

Clan Strachan is proud to announce the purchase of the Feughside Inn in the Village of Strachan.

Thursday, 1st October 2020, 6:00 am

Clan Strachan is proud to announce the purchase of the Feughside Inn in the Village of Strachan.

This achievement was part of a grassroots effort that marks one of the very first times that a clan has been able to re-acquire property in their ancestral homeland.

The Clan leadership wanted a place to call home for all its members around the world and this acquisition accomplishes that goal.

“I am proud to announce that for the first time in 705 years, the Clan Strachan owns property in the district of Strachan,” said Mr. Rob Strachan, Clan Commander and resident in the district of Strachan. Under Mr. Strachan’s leadership, the Clan was able to successfully negotiate and fundraise for the acquisition of this property. “I would very much like to thank the donors and volunteers from around the world that made this a reality,” he added.

The funds were raised by donations from contributors in not just Scotland but worldwide. Donors outside of the United Kingdom included Australia, Canada and the United States. The fundraising efforts were initiated several months ago, largely through social media and were prolific despite the global pandemic. Fundraising will continue to help finance renovations and the operations moving forward. In the short-term, the Clan intends to operate the property as a Bed & Breakfast and to create a centre for heritage, whilst considering other heritage options.

“This successful initiative will help strengthen our Clan ties and provide a place for more Clan activities,” said Martin Strahan of Queensland, Australia, who was a key driver in the fundraising effort. “We are proud of everyone who made this historic effort successful, as it truly was a team effort to provide a place, in a beautiful setting, for our Clan members to visit and learn,” Strahan continued.

“This initiative is certainly about honouring our past, and learning more about those that came before us with their rich culture and beautiful history. More importantly though, this is about the future and the generations to come,” said Steve Strachan of Englewood, Colorado, another leader of the fundraising effort.

“This endeavour is years in the making and will have an impact for generations to come,” said Dennis Strawhun of Carlsbad, California who is Co-Founder and Convener of the Clan Strachan Society. “I am especially proud of the work that the Clan is doing to bring people together from literally all over the world, especially in these turbulent times,” Strawhun added.

The Clan Strachan Scottish Heritage Society, Inc was founded as a public benefit non-profit corporation in 2005. The Society is an international organization open to all those interested in the heritage, culture and history of Scotland. The Clan Strachan Charitable Trust is an authorised charity since 2014, and regulated in accordance with the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator (OSCR).

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