Clear-up project in Banchory gives improved access

The new-look path after the clearance
The new-look path after the clearance

A major path clear-up in Banchory has just been completed - giving the route a new lease of life.

Banchory Paths Association (BPA) were behind the project which means improved access from Hillcroft Road to Mount Street and, as a result, to the town centre.

With the permission and co-operation of Leys Estate, the path had its overgrown vegetation cut back and an old Hydro pole removed earlier in the year.

Volunteers then helped scrape the vegetation on the pathway so that it was back to the required width of 1.5 metres.

A contractor then resurfaced it.

BPA are delighted with the completed project.

The initiative was funded by the charity, as it was unsuccessful in obtaining a grant.

Donations and funding will now be required for the further projects that are currently being worked on.

BPA secretary/treasurer Heather Bills praised all who had been involved.

She said: “We would like to thank the local councillors for their help with the initial stages of this project, also Leys Estate for its co-operation in giving permission for this path to be repaired, and to thank all those who helped with the procedure and completion of the project.”