Councillors back speed petition

A 40mph speed limit on a stretch of Aberdeenshire road could be extended following concerns the current limit could lead to a “nasty accident”.

Wednesday, 10th November 2021, 8:00 am
Updated Wednesday, 10th November 2021, 8:01 am
A petition to reduce the existing 60mph speed limit at Bridge of Canny and Inchmarlo on the A93 was submitted to the council.

A petition was submitted to Aberdeenshire Council in a bid to reduce the existing 60mph speed limit at Bridge of Canny and Inchmarlo on the A93.

The petition was discussed by the Marr Area Committee last Tuesday (Novem ber 2) .

Local resident Andy Wilkins spoke at the meeting on behalf of the community.

Calls have been made for the speed limit to be 40mph.

He said that while the petition gathered 144 signatures it didn’t show “the strength of feeling that there is locally around the issue”.

Mr Wilkins said: “Anyone who has used any of the junctions coming on to the A93 on a regular basis know what a nerve-racking experience that is.

“Another concern is that there’s more than 20 children living near this busy road, some have to cross for the school bus which is a safety issue anyway and becomes even more of an issue at this time of year on darker mornings.”

He continued: “The children also have no play park and as they get older they start to venture near the road both on foot and by bike despite their parents telling them not to, and it would only take one of them to trip or fall off a bike at the wrong time for a nasty accident to happen.”

Mr Wilkins also told the committee that is is “very difficult” for drivers on the Glencommon Farm road to join the A93 adding that they have to “inch out dangerously far” before pulling out.

He said the community was aware that a couple of traffic surveys have been carried out on the road and noted that the majority of drivers do stick to the limit but residents still feel the existing 60mph speed limit is “too high”.

He added: “We are a small community and we just want everyone to feel that little bit safer by reducing the speed limit.”

Councillor Eileen Durno supported the petition.

She said: “The area in question has grown considerably in housing and I think for safety reasons more than anything the speed restriction needs to be extended.”

Councillor Ann Ross also backed the proposal: “It just makes absolute sense for 40mph to be brought in here.

" I endorse this and commend the community for bringing the petition forward.”

Councillor Peter Argyle said he supported the proposed reduced speed limit but did raise a concern that it may not be enough.

He said: “40mph limits will slow down the law abiding but won’t slow down those who are not so it does not take away the risk from the people who ignore the limit.”

Following debate councillors agreed that a report on the matter be issued by the council’s head of roads and infrastructure.

The report will go before the committee at a later date.

If the reduced speed limit is approved it would reach Upper House and Tanglewood to the west of the existing limit up to Sunfield Cottage and West Lodge to the east.

The new speed limit would include the junctions at Beltie Cottages, Smiddy Park and the road leading to Glencommon Farm.