Debt help is a phone call away

The Deeside charity is encouraging people struggling with debt to get in touch
The Deeside charity is encouraging people struggling with debt to get in touch

A local debt help team is encouraging people to get in contact to tackle their financial problems.

Deeside branch of Christians Against Poverty runs the free service in partnership with Banchory Christian Fellowship Church.

The charity wants to offer assistance to those struggling with debt, with hardship biting in the weeks following spending over the festive season.

Deeside debt centre manager Pauline Rowett said: “We know how hard it can be to ask for help but we have a friendly team ready to book you in and it takes no time.

“They’ll send a debt coach to see you, at an agreed time and day, in the privacy of your home.

“Debt problems feel overwhelming but the way to tackle them is taking the right steps day-by-day and that starts with the phone call.”

An inquiry to 0800 328 0006 secures an appointment with the help team, who say a simple six-minute call could be all it takes.

National charity Christians Against Poverty (CAP) has seen more than 80 people across Scotland go debt free in the first half of 2019 and has helped thousands during the past 20 years.

Since CAP opened its first debt centre in Scotland, the debt landscape has changed with more people struggling to pay for priority living expenses such as rent, council tax and energy.

One former client said: “Before coming to CAP we had rent arrears, doorstep loans, catalogue loans for the children’s bedroom furniture and for their Christmas presents.

“We had some council tax arrears, and utility arrears as well.”