Digital status for Banchory Primary

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Banchory Primary School has completed a pioneering education initiative developed to encourage digital learning.

It was officially recognised by Education Scotland earlier this month for its commitment to promoting digital skills in the classroom.

To better equip the next generation, the school has worked with the pupils to increase their digital technology ability.

The childrens have used a wide range of apps on the iPads to record their work.

P6 and P7 children each have their own Google Chromebook and use Google Classroom to create work, hand assignments in and correspond with the class.

The school’s Code Club and Film and Animation Clubs are well attend, produce games and animations which they enjoy sharing.

Head teacher Jackie Fernandez said: “The programme has sparked a real enthusiasm for the exciting world of possibilities with digital technologies.

“This enthusiasm has been contagious across the whole school community and the levels of engagement and impact on learning has been significant.

“The pupils are leading the way with Gillian Jones, the principal teacher, and taking everyone with them.”

To achieve Digital Schools Awards accreditation, schools are required to self-assess their developments in digital technology under common practice areas of leadership and vision, digital technology for learning and teaching, school culture, professional development and resources and infrastructure.

The programme promotes skills such as digital innovation and creativity; computational thinking; advances in STEM; the use of digital technology to promote higher order thinking skills; support for digital equity and access and the need for cyber resilience.

Digital Economy Minister, Kate Forbes, said: “The Digital Schools Awards are a great way to encourage schools to develop new and innovative ways in which to achieve that aim, as well as to recognise excellence.”