Drumoak centre’s sensory garden plan

A dog enjoying one of the Scottish SPCA's sensory gardens
A dog enjoying one of the Scottish SPCA's sensory gardens

The Scottish SPCA is to create a sensory garden for dogs at its animal rescue and rehoming centre in Deeside.

The project is in partnership with BrewDog.

Scotland’s animal welfare charity cares for thousands of animals who have been abused, injured or abandoned each year.

Many arrive scared and unsure of their surroundings and some arrive as puppies who have only experienced a kenneled environment.

Graeme Innes, manager of the centre at Drumoak, said: “We are absolutely delighted to be creating a sensory garden with BrewDog and are honoured they have chosen to do this with us.

“Many of the dogs in our care come from unfortunate circumstances and adapting to kennel life can be difficult for them.

“The sensory garden will be full of different dog friendly elements and scents which help encourage dogs to use their senses and provides physical and mental stimulation within the surroundings.”

He added: “The garden will include different surfaces and textures which will be fun for the dogs, as well as many other objects to keep them entertained.

“The garden will also be designed to include a safe, quiet area for them to relax in.

“This will be an equal collaboration, using the expertise of our team and tapping into the creativity of BrewDog.

“They’ve already given us lots to think about, I think the difficulty will be narrowing all the great ideas down.”

Captain of BrewDog, James Watt, said: “Here at BrewDog, our story has always been heavily influenced by our four-legged friends.

“From the original BrewDog, Bracken, overseeing the first operations back in 2007, we want to ensure that no man, woman (or dog) is ever left behind.

“So supporting this fantastic Scottish SPCA initiative was a no brainer – we want to give these dogs the best new start we possibly can.”

Work on the sensory garden is beginning this month and it is hoped to be completed in June.