‘Fe-line’ much safer now

A camera-shy Blue hides behind the new sign
A camera-shy Blue hides behind the new sign

A Deeside cat owner has come up with an unusual way of keeping her pets safe.

Doreen Murdoch has put up a sign in her garden in Ballater advising motorists there are cats about and to drive slowly along the street.

Doreen and her husband were concerned that the pets, Willow and Blue, could be knocked down by passing cars.

And the novel idea to safeguard the moggies seems to be working as local drivers appear to be observing the “cats loose” sign.

Doreen, who lives near Ballater Primary School, thought the move would be the best way of keeping the cats out of the way of danger as they wander to and from their home in Monaltrie Avenue.

She told the Piper this week: “Blue is still a kitten and likes to chase Willow, who is wise to the traffic, across the road.

“We decided to put up a sign ‘cats on the loose’ just to make drivers aware of them so that they won’t get run over.

“There’s not too much traffic on the road as it is a turning point at the school, but we have seen a difference in drivers slowing down.”

Willow is four years old and was rehomed from Deeside Cat Protection, while nine-month-old Blue arrived at the Murdochs from the Scottish SPCA rescue centre at Drumoak, near Banchory.

Doreen said: “I put the photograph on Facebook and there’s has been a great deal of interest. It seems to have caught people’s imagination.”