Give finances a makeover

Bill Ferguson and Pauline Rowett are preparing for the course
Bill Ferguson and Pauline Rowett are preparing for the course

Churches in Banchory are running a course later this month on money management.

A small team from Banchory Christian Fellowship and Banchory West have been trained by the UK charity Christians Against Poverty (CAP).

The CAP Money course teaches a simple cash-based system and helps people to build a household budget.

Pauline Rowett, CAP centre manager in Banchory, said: “Many of us will have used credit cards or dipped into the overdraft to pay for the Christmas festivities.

“Make a resolution to do it differently next year.

“Now really is the best time to put things in order and we can help to you take the practical steps to sort things out for good.”

The course, which starts on Monday, January 23, for three weeks, has seen more than 10,000 people throughout the country gain money management skills each year.

Pauline said: “Around three quarters of the people who turn to Christians Against Poverty for debt help across the UK say they had problem debt, partly because they didn’t have any tuition in budgeting and money management.

“We want people in our area to have the skills to avoid serious debt problems.

“The best thing about the CAP Money system is that it’s flexible, so as your income or outgoings change, it can help you stay on top.”

The free course starts at 7.30pm in Banchory Christian Fellowship Church.

For more information call Pauline on 01330 823839 or email, or call Bill Ferguson on 01330 824565.