Highland ‘coo’ to visit Braemar Gathering

Highland games strongman Pete Hart takes the strain with VisitScotland 'coo-visor' Katie Bell
Highland games strongman Pete Hart takes the strain with VisitScotland 'coo-visor' Katie Bell

The Braemar Gathering will play host to an unusual visitor next month in the shape of a Highland Cow.

A ‘coo’ van will be at the games as part of VisitScotland’s efforts to promote its ‘herd’ of mobile information centres.

Since hitting the road at the end of March, members of the national tourism organisation’s friendly fleet have been spotted at 23 events across the country.

One of the coos - either Hamish, Heather, Morag or Archie - will be in attedance at Braemar for the sporting spectacular on Saturday, September 2.

VisitScotland has eight specially trained coo-visors, who are responsible for steering the vehicles around the country over the summer.

Malcolm Roughead, the organisation’s chief executive, told the Piper: “We have been mobilising our workforce to deliver the best information to every corner of Scotland through face-to-face and digital channels, including our online community platform, a fleet of coo vans and other outreach activity.

“The vans, in particular, have become a real talking point among visitors, and they will be a popular addition to the Highland games they are attending over the coming weeks.”

The aim of the Coo vans is to engage with locals and visitors to Scotland, providing inspiration and extending the personal touch that the traditional visitor centres already have.

The programme is also a great way to make people aware they are able to buy tickets for atrractions, book accommodation or tours in the VisitScotland VICs across the country. If you spot the Coo at Braemar, take a picture and let us know and we can publish it.

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