Hole lot of trouble in Drumoak

Concerns have been raised by residents in a Deeside village after a gaping hole has been left on greenspace.

Monday, 9th August 2021, 10:35 am
Concerns have been raised about the dangers of the hole, but it a resolution might be on its way.

Heading up Sunnyside Drive before reaching Sunnyside Lane in Drumoak, locals noticed a big hole on a patch of green space.

The hole has been there since July, and although attempts had been made to fill it, residents are still concerned that it is an accident waiting to happen.

One resident who got in touch with the Deeside Piper, said: “We formed a residents committee in the street to maintain the green area and were concerned about the hole.

“We thought it had been something to do with a gas pipe at first.

"We called the gas board and they were out straight away, but they just filled it with sand.

"The recent bad weather we had then just washed it away.

"There’s a drain pipe nearby and there is a bit missing, so know we think it might be down to a leak.

"It’s fine now with the light nights and it can clearly be seen, but if it’s left as it is when the dark nights begin to draw in, I can see accidents just waiting to happen."

The resident continued: “The area is well used as it’s on the way to the school and children play.

“It’s also used regularly used by dog walkers.”

The residents believe the pipe needs to be unblocked to stop the problem from reoccurring.

There might, however, be light at the end of the tunnel for residents in the street as orange barriers weighted with sandbags have been erected around the hole by Aberdeenshire Council.

A spokeswoman said: The service have advised that they’re aware of the sinkhole, but they won’t have more information until a technician can properly assess the cause of the damage.

"In the meantime, the barriers have been in put in place to caution residents.”