Horse treatment study in North-east

Jim Dukes and a colleague discuss the treatment
Jim Dukes and a colleague discuss the treatment

A local equine veterinary practice is undertaking a preliminary study in Aberdeenshire to establish the effectiveness of a new treatment for gastric ulcers in horses.

Deeside-based Dukes Veterinary Practice and Pro-Equine are working together to assess Ulsa-Soothe.

The product has been developed by Pro-Equine with natural ingredients to help horses with signs of abdominal discomfort.

Jim Dukes, of Dukes Veterinary Practice, said: “Our aim is to carry out a preliminary study to test whether the current owner-reported significant behavioural improvement in some horses following treatment with Ulsa-Soothe is backed up by endoscopic findings demonstrating control or healing of gastric ulcers.

“We aim to recruit 10 horses for the study. To be included, the horses must first be gastroscoped by our practice to confirm the presence of ulcers.”

He added: “If a horse is diagnosed with either squamous or glandular gastric ulcers on gastroscopy, then the owner will have the option of taking part in the study.

“The owner can opt either to use conventional treatments first and follow up with Ulsa-Soothe once gastroscopy indicates that the lesions have resolved, or use the product as a first line treatment.

“We are not involved in promoting the product as such, we are just interested in doing the scoping to see whether it works.”

For more details contact Mr Dukes at 01330 826744 or email