Huntly Arms Regeneration Project needs you!

The Huntly Arms Regeneration Project (HARP) was initiated by the Mid Deeside Community Council (MDCC) and the Mid Deeside Community Trust (MDCT) in late 2019.

Thursday, 6th May 2021, 12:00 am
Can you help out with the project?

The idea being to come up with a rescue plan for the hotel which at that time was facing closure following years of increasing dereliction.

It was agreed the HARP would come under the umbrella of MDCT.

The group succeeded in raising funds to complete a Viability Study to conduct an evaluation of options for reconfiguration of the hotel into a profitable hospitality focused business.

This was carried out by Community Enterprise, a team of expert consultants with experience is similar community projects across Scotland.

The Public Consultation showed an overwhelming local community interest, demand for a hotel in the village and its value as an iconic centrally located facility. In the meantime, the hotel was sold on.

Somewhat overwhelmed by the scale of the task the owner is keen for HARP to purchase the hotel for the community. This could be an exciting and extremely rewarding venture but will require a great deal of careful detailed assessment and will, no doubt, be a considerable challenge.

To keep this project moving forward HARP are going to need your help. Do you have useful skills?

Are you a whizz at social media, Facebook pages, Twitter, Instagram and such?

Are you qualified to carry out valuations and building surveys?

Are you an accountant who could help with the financial machinations?

Do you have legal or marketing expertise?

Are you in the know regarding architectural and historic building construction issues?

Do you have experience in running a hotel and could advise on the practicalities?

HARP are assessing local interest to see if there are any skilled professional volunteers out there who are keen to see the Huntly’s doors open again as a community owned enterprise.

Please be aware that a degree of commitment is needed to put in a wee bit of time and effort.

If HARP cannot show the funding bodies and the local authority that it has a strong local interest to proceed then sadly, taking this project any further will be difficult, if not impossible.

Please contact Claire Fraser at [email protected] if you could help out.

Visit the Facebook Page ‘HuntlyArmsRegenerationProject’ for details.