Kiltwalkers make big strides as £400,000 goes to charities

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More than 2,200 walkers raised £400,000 for charity by striding out from Potarch, Crathes and Bieldside in Aberdeen’s biggest ever Kiltwalk on Sunday.

Walkers opted for one of three walks, the 26-mile Mighty Stride, the 14-mile Big Stroll and the five-mile Wee Wander, to raise money for over 200 chosen charities.

In 2017, 1,800 walkers supported their choice of charities and after organisers listened to feedback from the Kiltwalk Heroes, it was decided to flip the Aberdeen route for the first time.

So the Mighty Stride (Potarch), Big Stroll (Crathes) and Wee Wander (Bieldside) set off from the stunning Aberdeen countryside and headed towards Aberdeen city centre for a Kiltwalk party.

Around 1,000 left from Potarch and half that number from Crathes.

Sir Tom Hunter and The Hunter Foundation are adding 40 per cent to everything raised by the walkers.

As the walkers raised more than £300,000 on the day, the final total is expected to be over £400,000.

Kiltwalk chief executive Paul Cooney said: “Every one of the walkers should be very proud of themselves. So many have felt such a sense of achievement.

“There was a great atmosphere and a sense of community and everyone has been so helpful.”

Sir Tom added: “There is nothing more inspiring than seeing thousands of walkers in a sea of tartan, encouraging each other to cross the finish line to raise a huge amount of money for the causes they care about.”