Kincluny plans under the spotlight

An artist's image of the new Kincluny settlement
An artist's image of the new Kincluny settlement

Developers and residents have aired their views on a new village proposed for Lower Deeside.

Conflicting opinions were expressed at a meeting to discuss a 1500-home development at Park Quarry, south of Drumoak.

Chap Group is seeking the go-ahead for the Kincluny project which would also have community facilities including a school and a health centre.

A pre-determination hearing wes held by Kincardine and Mearns Area Committee in Drumoak last Thursday.

The hearing had been postposed twice, most recently to allow Aberdeenshire Council to complete a structural survey of Park Bridge, which links north and south Deeside, and its ability to cope with current and future traffic volume.

Residents have raised concerns over the impact the development would have on the bridge.

Douglas Thomson, Chap Group’s joint managing director, told the hearing that discussions over the listed bridge were continuing with the council.

He said that one third of the homes at Kincluny would be “affordable” - addressing a shortage in the area - and the project would offer a “unique and special opportunity” to develop the site into a “thriving and vibrant community”.

Mr Thomson added: “We have to create our own future and you cannot do that if you don’t have housing.”

Among the objectors is Crathes, Drumoak and Durris Community Council.

Its treasurer, Peter Renwick, disputed the need for a development on this scale and in this location.

He told councillors: “We are a quiet, rural area, yes maybe expensive, but there are not hundreds waiting to live here. There is no local need and it does not justify 1500 or 500 houses.”

Mr Renwick said there would be no benefit to Drumoak from the development and claimed it would “forever spoil the Dee Valley.”

A report will now go to the area committee before being referred to the full council for a decision.