Maureen says a big ‘thank you’ to cancer charity

Maureen makes her donation to Nicky Hessell, on behalf of CLAN
Maureen makes her donation to Nicky Hessell, on behalf of CLAN

A Banchory woman has raised £1000 for a charity in appreciation of its support during her treatment for breast cancer.

Maureen Keay wanted to repay CLAN for all the encouragement shown in allowing her to regain strength and confidence in the road to recovery

Maureen, 74, a member of Banchory West Church, handed over the donation to CLAN Cancer Support at the church’s weekly Friday Coffees last week.

She told the Piper: “I had 12 months of treatment for breast cancer and when I finished it last January I’d had a year of hospital visits and treatments and you were so involved with everybody.

“Then suddenly I felt so low I didn’t know what to do. I was then introduced to CLAN in Banchory and went there for reflexology, counselling sessions and meditation and they gave me back my confidence.

“Suddenly my hair started to grow and I felt better, but they supported me and the family. It’s not just the person who’s suffering from cancer, it’s the whole family that are affected. I then thought what can I do for them.”

In June, Maureen and a couple of friends from the church decided to hold fundraising craft stalls for CLAN with the aim of bringing in £400 over the next few months.

She explained: “The treatment I had was marvellous and it was all free. I was so grateful to feel well again I decided I had to give something back.

“I never expected to raise £1000 and it was thanks to the generosity of everyone.”

Gemma Powell, CLAN’s Aberdeenshire area services co-ordinator, said: “CLAN are incredibly grateful to Maureen and her friends for all the time and effort they put in to attending various craft fairs and events throughout the Christmas period in aid of CLAN.

“We are a local independent charity and we simply could not offer the free cancer support services we provide without the generous fundraising activities of individuals like Maureen. We can’t thank her enough.”