Motorists urged to slow down

David Pratt and the damaged fence on Inchmarlo Retirement Village land bordering the A93
David Pratt and the damaged fence on Inchmarlo Retirement Village land bordering the A93

Motorists have been accused of driving at excessive speed along a stretch of road on the outskirts of Banchory.

The A93 between the town and the village of Inchmarlo has a 60mph limit.

There has been a call for safety measures or even a speed limit reduction on the busy route which passes a retirement community.

But Aberdeenshire Council has confirmed there are no plans at the moment to alter the speed limit at the location.

Concern in particular has been expressed for the safety of elderly residents driving in and out of the Inchmarlo complex.

David Pratt, facilities manager at Inchmarlo House, told the Piper there have been instances of cars ending up in one of their fields after spinning out of control on the main road - the most recent last month.

He said: “We got a report from one of our staff that a car had again gone into the lower field and knocked the fence down.

“By the time we got there the car was away. It is happening more and more.”

The speed limit in Inchmarlo village is 40mph but increases to 60 past the retirement complex between the community and Banchory.

Mr Pratt added: “We have elderly drivers here and a lot of traffic comes in and out of the estate.

“There have been accidents over the last couple of years at the entrance, because the vehicles are coming along the road so quickly.

“Residents don’t have enough time to react and I think the time has come that for the safety of the people on the estate, the traffic needs to be slowed down. A 40mph limit is what’s needed.

“On that stretch, there are a good few bits that are dangerous.”

Mr Pratt has called for urgent action.

He said: “What is it going to take to get something done?

“We have a retirement community here and the average age is around 85 and we have 90-year-olds who are still driving. The vehicles are simply travelling too fast as they pass the complex.”

Derek Murray, roads manager for Marr, said: “Aberdeenshire Council receive many requests for speed limit reviews and the need to carry out a traffic speed survey at this particular location will be considered and, if appropriate, prioritised and added to the list of sites awaiting review.

“Any surveys carried out are then assessed using national guidelines and council policies but at the current time the roads service can confirm that there are no plans to change the speed limit at this location.

“I note the concerns from the Inchmarlo Retirement Village about ‘speeding traffic’, however responsibility for enforcing speed limits rests with Police Scotland.”