New book on the salmon pools of the north east launched

Lifetime fisher Iain Ogden caught his first salmon in the beautiful rock strewn R Findhorn amongst the rolling grouse moors of Drynachan.

Wednesday, 20th October 2021, 8:19 am
Updated Wednesday, 20th October 2021, 8:19 am
Iain's new book focuses on the north east pools where salmon are caught.

After moving to Deeside he became a regular rod on the famed Drum, Tilbouries and Park waters before the days of commercial letting and when spring runs were still in the ascendency.

After over 40 years of regularly casting a line over the length and breadth of rivers in the North east and beyond the author has befriended countless fishers, ghillies, factors, and lairds.

Collectively they have been privy to a wealth of salmon angling knowledge and insight which led to the publication of two books – Casts on the Dee & Spey in 2015 and Great Salmon Rods of the Dee & Spey in 2017.

Here in his third book – 30 Salmon Pools on the Dee, Deveron, Spey & Findhorn – Iain focuses on the very pools where salmon are caught, it features 30 of the most notable salmon pools on four of the most famous salmon rivers in Scotland.

The choice is based on fame, favouritism, photogenic appeal and whether the facts, figures and stories translate to entertaining narrative. Hours were spent in factor’s offices, castle libraries and ghillie’s huts investigating fishing records and historic pictures on each prospective pool.

Aerial and bankside photographs along with artist’s paintings fully illustrate every chapter. Additionally, a host of amusing tales, quotes and anecdotes have been gathered to humorously punctuate the book. Throughout the thousands of hours fishing and on dozens of beats Iain has pondered the very pools where the angler pursues his or her quarry.

Why do some pools have such novel and intriguing names, are they enduring season after season, and why are they so famous? The origin of pool names is discussed although answers were not always forthcoming, puzzles lost in the mists of time.

Do pools endure? The simple answer is no, almost all have changed due to major floods. The last question is the easiest to answer, a pool’s fame lies in the number and size of salmon landed there.

30 Salmon Pools on the Dee, Deveron, Spey & Findhorn is available from the author via Facebook, Ebay or Amazon.