Police crack down on town’s ‘boy racers’

Police have been keeping a close eye on Bellfield Car Park, where drivers have been gathering
Police have been keeping a close eye on Bellfield Car Park, where drivers have been gathering

Police are cracking down on so-called ‘boy racers‘ in Banchory.

Residents have complained about being intimidated by the noise and way in which vehicles are being driven by young people in various town centre locations, including Bellfield Car Park.

Police have taken action against the growing antisocial behaviour and a local councillor has spoken out about the issue.

Councillor Ann Ross commented: “I have been contacted by residents and have received complaints by people who find the noise and way cars are driven intimidating, some even deciding to avoid going into Banchory town centre.  This is a problem which the police are well aware of and deal with on an ongoing basis. Their work and presence has helped to discourage antisocial behaviour.

“I would encourage anyone  who has a concern to note the registration number, time and place of the occurrence of the event and to report it.”

Local Inspector Matthew Smith told the Piper it was a minority of drivers flouting the law.

He said: “We do keep a close eye on the Bellfield Car Park, particularly at the weekends.

“It is important to point out that the majority of motorists that our officers speak with are law abiding but unfortunately it’s the minority few who tarnish the reputation of others.”

Inspector Smith added: “In recent weeks we have charged several individuals for driving without due care and attention within Banchory town centre and will seize the cars of those found re-offending.

“We have also issued a number of fixed penalty notices to drivers for less serious road traffic offences and have been assisted with specialist support from our colleagues in the roads policing division”

He added: “We are grateful to the residents of Banchory who have reported instances of poor driver behaviour and offending vehicle number plates to us as it can allow us to take action against persons even though we may have not witnessed the incident ourselves. We will, however, continue to monitor the area.”