Process begins for new local development plan

Work is starting on the next local development plan
Work is starting on the next local development plan

A new planning blueprint is being drawn up for Aberdeenshire.

Planners have set out a timetable for the production of a new Aberdeenshire Local Development Plan (LDP).

Just months after the adoption of the current plan, work has started on the pre-planning phase of a four-year project to produce the next one.

Planning representatives have been attending community council forum events across the area in recent weeks.

They have been putting forward a draft programme of work, called the Local Development Plan

Increased engagement with communities is one of the recommendations being taken forward following evaluation of the process to create the last LDP.

Extensive engagement with community councils and other interested parties will be undertaken as the process gets under way on the new plan.

Councillors will then be asked to consider, comment on, and agree the publication of a Main Issues Report and proposed Local Development Plan for publication in November, 2018.

The five-year programme for the production of the LDP is currently:

* 2017 Pre-planning of the Aberdeenshire Local Development Plan.

* 2018 Publication of a Main Issues Report and draft proposed plan.

* 2019 Publication of a Proposed Local Development Plan

* 2020 Examination of the plan.

* 2021 Adoption of the plan.

The timetable is in line with Scottish Ministers’ expectations that Local Development Plans are adopted within two years of the adoption of a Strategic Development Plan.

The draft Local Development Plan Scheme 2018 will be reported to the various Local Area Committees in November, before Aberdeenshire Council’s Infrastructure Services Committee is asked to approve it on January 25, 2018.