Pupils’ board game makes UK stage

Tom Hall, with pad, worked on Bug-Off for two years
Tom Hall, with pad, worked on Bug-Off for two years

Two Deeside pupils have teamed up to create an outdoor board game.

Banchory Academy’s Tom Hall, 14, and Caelean Annand-Hosie, 10, of Banchory Primary School, have designed Bug-Off.

It was exhibited last week at the UK’s largest hobby gaming convention, UK Games Expo.

Bug-Off was created by Tom and he was assisted by Caelean who illustrated the books and cards.

Tom has been working on the game for the last two years.

It is a tactical game of outdoor warfare and is suitable for two-four players aged seven and up.

Participants command teams of battling bugs who must dart frantically between bases in an effort to steal three flags from the opposition.

It is a tense game of capture the flag, in which knowing how to manipulate the landscape is key to defeating an opponent.

The general length of time for each game is 30-45 minutes and it comes with a rulebook, a cloth storage bag, tape measure, four blue dice, 21 wooden discs and 20 stat cards.

Tom said: “I am an avid lover of board games. However, when I was playing games I ran into a problem.

“There aren’t many outdoor board games and this thought inspired me to create this game and share it with the world.”

He added: “I hope others will see how simple an alternative to the classic indoor board game this is, and that they design more outdoor games.”

UK Games Expo is a tabletop gaming event held annually in Birmingham.

Activities include seminars, tournaments and trade halls.