Queen to be presented with new book about Iona

The Queen is to presented with a new, specially-commissioned book inspired by Iona.

By Dawn Renton
Wednesday, 22nd September 2021, 8:21 am
Updated Wednesday, 22nd September 2021, 8:22 am
Francy Devine, Jolomo, Rev Kenneth MacKenzie and Dr Paul Anderson
Francy Devine, Jolomo, Rev Kenneth MacKenzie and Dr Paul Anderson

The concert in St Margaret’s on Sunday featured new paintings of Iona by Dr John Lowrie Morrison (Jolomo), poems by Francy Devine and new music by Dr Paul Anderson.

“In the Footsteps of Colm Cille” also features a CD of new music by Paul Anderson and was inspired by Iona and the life of St Columba. All three artists were involved in the collaboration pulled together by Braemar and Crathie minister the Rev Kenneth MacKenzie and supported by The St Margaret’s Trust.

A specially-commissioned version of the book will be presented to the Queen at Balmoral.

Rev MacKenzie said she had sent her best wishes for the concert.

Francy Devine said: “The whole project has been an eye-opener. I couldn’t believe how much of an impact going to Iona made on me. It was a thrilling experience. For a man in his seventies it was a new journey for me.”

Jolomo said: “The book is marvellous. Iona to me is just the best place in the world. When I was there I’ve always said I’ll say to God if heaven isn’t like this I am going to be really angry.”

Dr Paul Anderson added: “The whole thing has been a very moving experience. Iona tends to leave a very strong impression on people.”

And there could be more chances to see and hear the project...

Paul said: “We’ll have further discussions about what happens next and see where it takes us.”