Rehoming plea from Deeside horse centre

Bourbon has been waiting for a home since November, 2016
Bourbon has been waiting for a home since November, 2016

A Deeside-based horse rescue centre has made an urgent appeal to prospective owners to consider rehoming.

World Horse Welfare’s Belwade Farm, near Aboyne, has more than 25 horses and ponies looking for a home - some for more than a year.

The centre is encouraging people to consider rehoming which would would free up space for the many animals in need of the charity’s help.

Belwade has a wide range of equines and last year found new homes for nearly 60 horses and ponies.

The farm, which is one of World Horse Welfare’s four UK rescue and rehoming centres, is currently overstocked due to high numbers of welfare cases.

Centre manager Eileen Gillen said: “The harsh weather conditions and lack of nutritious natural food sources at this time of year can often mean more horses and ponies are at risk of suffering welfare problems so it’s imperative that we have the space to take them in and give them the care they so desperately need.

“As well as freeing up space for those in need, rehoming also gives the horses and ponies who have undergone rehabilitation the chance to fulfil their potential and enjoy the dedicated love and attention they deserve from a new home.

“If you are thinking of getting a horse, rehoming really is a great option. Not only will you receive a fully open and honest assessment of the horse’s character and behaviour, but also the charity retains ownership giving you the reassurance that if your circumstances change or things don’t work out you can return the horse to us at any time.”

Six-year-old Bourbon is regarded as Belwade’s “loneliest pony”.

She came to the centre in March, 2015, as part of a group needing care.

Friendly Bourbon has been looking for a home since November, 2016, and has received just one application in that time.

Anyone wanting to find out find out more about rehoming should visit