Share your Aboyne Games memories

The massed pipe bands at Aboyne Games
The massed pipe bands at Aboyne Games

Organisers of Aboyne Highland Games are asking the public to share in its 150th anniversary celebrations.

The Royal Deeside sporting showcase will mark the milestone later in the year.

Games officials want people to share their memories and photographs of a much-loved highlight of the local events calendar.

All contributions will be included in a special commemorative memory book on display at the games on Saturday, August 5.

For visitors who want to share their memories on the day, boards will be set up to allow written reminiscences.

Games chairman Alistair Grant said: “Our minute books contain extensive written records of the evolution of the games, from the initial meeting on Saturday, July 27, 1867 where the idea of holding a Highland games in Aboyne was first discussed, through to the present time.

“Although factual, these do not capture the people’s story of Aboyne Highland Games, which is vital for our memory book.”

The deadline for submitting photographs and memories is Thursday, June 1, to