Tenants praise team effort following flooding

Hundreds of homes in Ballater were affected by the floods
Hundreds of homes in Ballater were affected by the floods

Tenants in Ballater have praised staff at Aberdeenshire Housing Partnership (AHP) for months of help following the havoc wreaked by Storm Frank at New Year.

Employees at the housing association are finally leaving the village having been there every day since the storm struck on December 30 last year.

The worst flooding experienced in the area in 200 years brought devastation to hundreds of homes.

AHP properties suffered almost a quarter of a million pounds of damage in total and first on the scene for the organisation was Asset Management Officer Stuart Davie.

He said: “I was on call and got there very quickly after the alarm was raised. The scene was one of utter chaos with extensive water damage and debris everywhere. I’ve never seen anything like it.

“The tenants, however, reacted superbly to the mayhem surrounding them and the fact they were so calm helped us enormously.”

AHP chief executive Colin Hawkins said: “Many of our tenants in Ballater have had a tough time dealing with the aftermath of the floods that hit the town just after Christmas – many have had their lives turned upside down as they had to move to other temporary accommodation in the area.

“Our focus over the past few months has been to help them return to their homes as soon as possible. I have been immensely proud of colleagues who have been involved and in particular Elaine Bowie and Stuart Davie, the local housing team.”