The wizard of Oz - that’s strongman Pete

Strongman Pete Seddon lifts the famous Dinnie Stones
Strongman Pete Seddon lifts the famous Dinnie Stones

An Australian strongman has achieved a lifelong ambition by lifting the famous Dinnie Stones.

Pete Seddon recently hauled the two giant boulders off the ground at Potarch on the Ballogie Estate.

Pete managed the feat at the first attempt in front of his two daughters.

He said afterwards: “Basically I live overseas these days, I was really keen to come back on my holidays and have a good go at these stones.”

Two days later, Glasgow weightlifters Andy Cairney and Neil Elliot also successfully completed the challenge.

The strongman events are a popular feature at the new-look Potarch cafe and restaurant.

Helen Knowles, marketing co-ordinator at Ballogie Estate Enterprises, said: “We are making a feature of the stones for all to enjoy and have put information signage on display next to the stones. We are in the process of organising a book where all successful lifts will be documented for our visitors to see.”

Plans are under way for a special day next year to emulate Donald Dinnie who in 1860 lifted and carried the stones across Potarch Bridge and back again. The next event at Potarch is on February 18 when four more strongmen will take up the challenge.