Warning on illegal school parking

The parking initiative was launched at Banchory Primary School
The parking initiative was launched at Banchory Primary School

A safety initiative has been launched in the Marr area to deter drivers from parking illegally near schools.

South Marr and North Marr and Garioch Community Safety groups have provided funding to produce four banners to highlight parking on yellow lines and zig zag markings.

The banners were displayed at the launch of the initiative at Banchory Primary School last Friday.

They will be used at schools throughout the Marr area where issues have been identified during school drop-off and pick-up times.

Norma Makin, secretary/treasurer of the South Marr CSG, said: “Along with the North Marr and Garioch group we welcome the opportunity to help improve safety at our schools.

“We live in a time when more and more pupils are transported to school in the family car so safety is paramount.”

Local Sergeant Gordon Forsyth added: “Police are committed to keeping children safe and my concern is that pupils could be hurt as a consequence of the minority of drivers who choose to park dangerously.

“I would remind those who do the school run not to obstruct driveways, and do not park on yellow lines or zig zag lines next to schools.

“Speeding is always a top concern in any community especially near schools so drivers should always drive cautiously and slow down.”

Meanwhile, Banchory Primary School is looking for a relief school crossing patroller.

Anyone interested should contact head teacher Jackie Fernandez.