We’ll pay Billy’s vet bills, says Ballogie couple

A Ballogie couple who have been searching for their missing cat are now offering to help with vet bills if someone is looking after the cat.

Thursday, 13th May 2021, 12:00 am
Billy has a terminal illness and needs regular visits to the vets for treatment.

Billy the tabby cat went missing in February 2020 and the couple originally offered a reward for his safe return. Now they have added the alternative offer of vet bills assistance if someone can show that they have Billy living with them.

Ian Doyle explained: “Originally we thought Billy may have just wandered and got lost or hopped into a van and been accidentally transported somewhere else, so we offered a reward for his safe return to encourage people to be on the lookout. If he’s still alive, he may have settled into a new home somewhere so we wouldn’t want to disrupt that.

“He has a serious illness that was diagnosed in 2019. It is important that he should have that checked at least once or twice per year and that he should be following a special diet and receiving medication to prolong his life and good health.

Billy the tabby cat went missing from Ballogie last year.

“The illness, sadly, is terminal, but he could still have a good quality of life if it is treated properly, so he really needs to see a vet.

“We would need photos or video of Billy to make sure it is him before we could do anything. Ideally, we would prefer to see him ourselves to identify him and the best way to confirm his identity would be to scan his microchip.”

His details and photos can be checked on www.petslocated.com by entering reference AB0140938.

If you think you have Billy living with you or visiting, you can contact Ian and Lorraine on 07706 830487 or [email protected]