Pipers to play at Echt Show!

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This is a very exciting year for the Echt, Skene and Midmar area as the Echt Show celebrates its 160th event.

The show is believed to have started out as a horse fair at the market stance behind the village pub (Echt Tandoori) in the 1830s. Echt Agricultural Association then held ploughing matches and seed and root shows in the 1850s. The first livestock show was held in 1853 at the Market Stance.

Fast forward 160 years to 2013 and the committee of 80 enthusiastic volunteers ranging in age from 17 to their 90s are gearing up to put on a whole weekend of celebrations, kicking off with possibly the most famous bagpipe group in the world raising the canvas in the Echt show ground. The bagpipes with attitude and drums with a Scottish accent, The Red Hot Chilli Pipers have been confirmed as the Friday nights entertainment.

Taking their signature “Bagrock” sound to the masses, The Chillis have fast become a global phenomenon, rocking far flung shores from Melbourne to Milwaukee. a

The Chillis are to perform on Friday, July 12, with the 160th Show on Saturday the 13th. For full information go to www.echtshow.co.uk or Echt Show Facebook page.