Plans for community learning centre in Aboyne

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Mid Deeside Limited and the team behind the Aboyne Community Action Plan say they are looking at proposals to establish a community learning centre in the village.

The facility would principally focus on arts and crafts and creative activities but would be available for other educational or cultural purposes as well.

As a permanent space, there would be opportunities for exhibitions and display of work and it would also be available for hire by community groups.

Mid Deeside Limited says it is already exploring the potential for establishing new adult education classes in Aboyne and this opportunity would fit neatly into that wider project.

Initial discussions have taken place with Aberdeenshire Council regarding the use of a self-contained unit at the Aboyne Business Centre.

MDL chairman Peter Argyle said: “The proposal is to offer the Aboyne community a permanent space for both day time and evening activities with a focus on arts and crafts.

“There was a time when a great many such activities, together with evening classes in a wide range of subjects, were arranged through Community Education in and around Aboyne but changing Scottish Government priorities mean that this is no longer something delivered locally.

“Our hope is that by developing a new partnership between the community and Aberdeenshire Council, we will be able to rebuild what at one time was a hugely successful and important part of community life.

“We are hoping to hear from anyone who might be interested in helping to develop this proposal for a dedicated arts space in Aboyne.

“It is an exciting project with great potential to deliver real benefits to our community.”

To find out more or to offer to join the team, call the MDL office (013398 85222) or email