Police reminder to make sure your vehicle is safe

Grampian Police is reminding all vehicle users to ensure they lock their vehicles, secure all windows and that they do not leave keys for the vehicle within easy access for persons to steal.

Constable Kevin Murray of the Force’s Crime Reduction Unit said: “We are urging all members of the public to keep their vehicles locked and secure and prevent unnecessary thefts from same or theft of the actual vehicle.

“By leaving vehicles unlocked, this gives thieves an easy opportunity to not only steal items from within your vehicle but the opportunity to steal the vehicle itself.”

Vehicle users are advised to lock all doors and close all windows even if parked on your driveway or in the street just outside your house; Don’t leave anything on display in your vehicle and if possible remove all valuable items which could be seen as a temptation to a thief; Keep your vehicle keys safe, never leave them in the ignition or vehicle even for a short period of time, and when parking your vehicle try and avoid areas which are unattended, concealed from public view and have many escape routes.

To contact your local crime reduction officer, call 0845 600 5 700.